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Ylläs is a very popular travel destination in Lapland and Yllästunturi fell (719 m.a.s.l) is a landmark of western Lapland. For most visitors Ylläs is far away. Read More

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Ylläs is a very popular travel destination in Lapland and Yllästunturi fell (719 m.a.s.l) is a landmark of western Lapland. For most visitors Ylläs is far away. Arriving Ylläs means either (dozen) hours of driving by a car or relying on public transportation and local mobility services. However, accessibility and public transport connections were identified as the biggest shortcoming among Ylläs travelers in the image survey 2015 conducted by University of Eastern Finland.

Ylläs Travel Association decided to change the status quo and started Mobility as a Service (MaaS) experimentation in the spring 2016. VAMOS! joined the Ylläs MaaS movement by launching two pilot services in the Ylläs region for winter season 2016-2017. The pilot services, Ylläs Tiketti – a mobile ticketing and payment application and Shareit Blox Car – a peer-to-peer car sharing service, attracted much attention among the travelers, media and locals. VAMOS! ecosystem is improving existing and preparing new value adding mobility services for the next winter season 2017-2018.

Meanwhile, few words about the piloted services in last season. VAMOS! aims to make people traveling easier to and around the Ylläs region, Lapland by new mobility services!

Ylläs Tiketti: Forget about coins and buy tickets easily with your phone

Ylläs Tiketti app is an easy and safe way to buy Ylläs’s tickets and services from a comprehensive range of service providers. For example, you can buy your tickets in advance for bus travel and events in the Ylläs area, including bus transfers to and from the airport and train station, ski-bus and chartered bus services.

For local transport operators and other service providers, Ylläs Tiketti helps to meet the travelers’ needs better and serves as a mobile sales channel but do not necessitate any payment terminal. The app facilitates payments safely and securely with debit or credit card, SVEA or MobilePay.
Ylläs Tiketti has already served hundreds of happy travelers. Download and test the application by your Android or iPhone (use will continue in next winter season on December 2017).

 Download YlläsTiketti from App Store

Shareit Blox Car: Rent a car in Ylläs

Fancy a go and see the neighborhood and visit the nearby fells? Finding a rental car in Ylläs region is a common challenge among visitors. Shareit Blox Car provides an option to car rental based on sharing economy. It is possible to rent a car for one hour, a day or a week in the peer-to-peer car sharing service. The cars are covered by the Shareit insurance of If Insurance, the first peer-to-peer car rental insurance available in the Nordic countries.

For those who don’t have a car in Ylläs, Shareit Blox Car provides an easy, flexible and affordable option for car rental for visiting a tourist attraction or just a grocery store. For car owners Shareit Blox Car is an easy way of making money while their car would otherwise be parked in front of their cottage or hotel. For Ylläs region, Shareit Blox Car complements the regional mobility service offerings and helps to serve better travelers’ mobility needs. The service was launched in Ylläs in late 2016 and has already many satisfied users. The visibility of VAMOS! services was promoted through the winter season by bringing VAMOS! Tesla available for renting and locating it to central place in Ylläs, next to the main entrance of Jounin kauppa convenience store.

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